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Transform an older Vehicle

Transform an older Vehicle

Transform an older Vehicle

Tuesday. 2pm:
'Hi, it's **** from Atlas Developments here. I'm looking to see if you can help me with a van/minibus that I have just bought?'

'Of course. What do you need?'

'I need it stripped of the old vehicle graphics. A new design created and completed for 5pm tomorrow.'

'Email us a photograph of the vehicle, and we can take it from there... '

This is the type of thing that we excel in at BannerKwik. We are a flexible team and, where possible, will try to meet whatever deadline is thrown our way. As you can see below... it's quite a transformation in such a short space of time. The customer is delighted that we have managed to achieve this for him. He is even happier that he has a moving advert for all to see.

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