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BannerKwik. The Next Stage.

BannerKwik. The Next Stage.

BannerKwik. The Next Stage.

We hope you have all managed to navigate your way through the last 4 or 4 months unscathed and ready to find your way back to some sort of 'normal'. At BannerKwik we never really stopped. As an, almost, essential service (social distancing signage at the start) we were busy and making plans right through the whole period. In amongst that time, we had already embarked on an aggressive plan of growth. I know. Trying to grow the business during a Global Pandemic. We like a challenge over here at BannerKwik though.

So here we are. Now situated at 29A Rosyth Road in sunny Polmadie. Our directions (until you all get used to where you are going) goes along the lines of ' Just up from Shawfield Dog Racing Stadium' or 'Just Behind Hampden Cars'. However, as we build and develop our brand I'm sure word will get out ... you might even spot us whilst driving down the M74. We are situated right next to Morris Park Office Suites.

As you can see, we have a much bigger place of work to deliver signage and printing from. With over 3 thousand square foot of space and lots of new pieces of kit, we really are ready to deliver what you need.

Of course when you invest in new machinery you, inevitably, have to invest in new people, which we have duly done. However, we believe that we have invested in the best people. Going from a team of 2 to a 'Family' of 7 in a short space of time can be challenging. In that short space of time, it has become very clear that we have the makings of a GREAT team. Click here to view their profiles.

It's testament to the staff at BannerKwik that we have managed to move our operation across the city whilst still delivering our products and services on budget and, more importantly, on time.

If you are an existing client, then, as always, pop in and say hello. If you aren't YET a client, then please get in touch so that we can give you a nice warm welcome when you come over to see the place. Get in touch if you have any questions for the team.

See you all soon.